Regional Co-ordinators

Our regional coordinators are the backbone of our organisation. They are the people who take direct action to conduct and coordinate a search and rescue operation for any potential sighting or missing animal report within their area. They do this by collaborating with the active members within their region and ensuring the correct personnel and resources are supplied, allowing us to effectively assist in the capture of missing animals. 


Below you will find a list of the responsibilities the role requires:

  • Collaborating with regional members, keeping them up-to-date on local reports
  • Organising search and rescue operations for reports within your region
  • Organising regular meetings, fundraising events and recruitment drives
  • Storagage and responsibility for spare equipment in the regional area

Desired SKILLS

Below you will find a list of desired skills required for the role:

  • Good Organisational Skills
  • Good Communication Skills
  • A Natural Team Leader


Successful applicants will be provided with a log in and password that provide them with access to the resources and information you will require in your new role. Due to the sensitivity and nature of the information, this is not made available to the general public. To access this restricted area, just click on the button below