Regional & National Monitors

Our monitors are the foundation of our communication network. They are our eyes and ears, our reporters. A source point for our search and rescue operations. Our monitors work by collaborating with the group members and reporting any findings or potential sightings back to the other members, either through our Facebook Group, or through contacting their regional co-ordinator directly. This helps us to remain fully informed on potential sightings and allows us to effectively assist in the capture of missing animals. 


Below you will find a list of the responsibilities the role requires:

  • Making weekly checks of local news sources for potential sightings
  • Reporting any potential sightings or missing animal reports back to the group
  • Collaborating with group members to ensure the effective capture and return of lost exotic animals


Below you will find a list of desired skills required for the role:

  • An interest in exotic animal species
  • Access to a range of media sources
  • Good communication skills

Members Only Area

Successful applicants will be provided with a log in and password that provide them with access to the resources and information you will require in your new role. Due to the sensitivity and nature of the information, this is not made available to the general public. To access this restricted area, just click on the button below.